We chose International Schoolhouse because after researching all the local preschool options, they had the best academic program - in any language.
— Cliff Holekamp | Millie’s dad
Hearing my daughter tell me about the Solar System in Spanish is amazing to me… Her brain is being stimulated in ways a traditional education can’t touch, and she is gaining this huge competitive advantage in a warm and caring environment.
— Heather Pluard | Mason and Ava’s mom
Our son attended ISH for three years and has no accent according to native speakers (not associated with the school). He started first grade at Parkway school district and is at the top of his class in every subject. Additionally, he has emerged as a class leader.
— Tom and Susan Fields | Peter’s parents
She is now enrolled in kindergarten and only two months into this school year, she is already reading and writing in both English and Spanish!
— Brooke Bribriesco | Ava and Liam’s mom
I have observed our children using Spanish effortlessly at home with each other as they play, making up stories for their dolls, as they color, as they play dress-up. That is all the proof I need to know this school was the best choice.
— Kelly Eidson | Flora and Perla’s mom